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Student Finance Declaration

Beth Said:

student finance- declaration form?

We Answered:

unfortunatly each form is tailored to the user, ie has your information on it and the details on how much you get. so there will not be a common letter, although if you go to the student direct page and log in there should be a link somewhere called correspondence which might have the letter in it.

Esther Said:

Student Declaration Form Sent Off?

We Answered:

Yes, do stop panicking, you will get your student finance fine.

Linda Said:

Student Finance Question? UK?

We Answered:

Declaration is a form of proof that you are entitled to help ... but I am not sure exactly what you're asking.

Irma Said:

What's going on with my student finance application?

We Answered:

There's no need to panic!
Even if they don't have all the documents or whatever, they will still give you a partial sum of the money to get you by until everything is properly cleared. They messed up mine too, but i got an email from them today.
Don't panic! It will work out fine :)

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