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Student Finance Delay

Guy Said:

How to deal with this situation?

We Answered:

dude, I am 21 too. Gay here. I am looking for a career of my own. I am looking for a mature and intelligent guy. You and I should start talking through e-mail. Maybe meet one special day and buy a house when we're successful and live happily ever after ;) I want to be a journalist. I love to snuggle

Wilma Said:

My husband thinks I'm holding him back financially...?

We Answered:

Not to offend anyone, but he seems a little self-centered, selfish and ungrateful. I personally believe that financial decisions have to be made after both parties talk about it and make a decision. In this specific situation he needs to understand that the decision has to benefit your daughter the most and not him. I think you are doing a great job considering that you could have stayed home and JUST take care of the girl and the house and not even try to get a job. With him not wanting you to work outside the house and also verbally attacking you, shows a little bit of immaturity and maybe insecurity and jealousy? Well, hope you guys are able to go through this issue and be happy.

Christian Said:

My wife and I are thinking about bankruptcy....?

We Answered:

Can't you deffer student loans - call them up and ask them.
I think you can do this in special situations.
Also, a federal school loan can't go in a bankrtuptcy..

If you need help there is a government agency that helps you at no cost.
Google their site - call the 800 number, make an appointment to see this non-profit agency in an office near you.
Reviews call them angels.
If they think your only option is bankruptcy - they will tell you.
But they have ways of dealing with the creditors that will seem like magic.

Donna Said:

My father has lived in spite of some of the most important things he taught me?

We Answered:

Upon reading your response to "Pearl" I don't have the impression that you are looking for a real answer, but rather justification for your actions. It's easy to rationalize just about any concept to fit our own desires and feelings, as you do with the cleanliness of pork - the other white meat. :-)

In the bible we are also commanded to honor our parents. Honor goes beyond just obeying them. Honor is a character trait that is sorely missing in society today.

Now about your dad and your relationship with him. May I respectfully suggest that you cut him a bit of slack. I don't have any idea what his military occupation is, but being in a combat zone it is tough on most who are involved. Have you sat down with him and had a man to man, father/son talk with the man? You mentioned that you have a spiritual nature, so let me just suggest that the two of you pray together and then have your discussion. Work it out. May God bless you.

Kathryn Said:

How can I stop a depressive episode before it happens?

We Answered:

sounds like you should be on meds or atleast start seeing a psychiatrist of psychologist.

Andre Said:

Can't pay my school fees, school has no back up plan...?

We Answered:

Negotiating would work with a private college- I'm not so sure it would work for SUNY. Their financial aid office would be very tightly constrained by state law- talk to them, but do not expect too much help- their hands may be tied.

You could try to raise the money through peer to peer loans. Fynanz sounds like it might be a good fit for your situation.

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bestessays said:

Yeah I too am dealing with a difficult financial decision in my student debts and I cannot make it efficiently. I need some hefty advice over how to pay off my dues.

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to whom it may concern said:

Financial literacy education on topics such as budgeting, credit scores, and debt management will help students better manage their money, making them likely to be able to afford those loan payments.