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Student Finance Directgov

Laura Said:

Student Finance England: How much longer will I have to wait? (Look @ details please!)?

We Answered:

If it makes you feel any better, I'm still waiting too. I kept calling and harassing them because I didn't get my grant and my money wasn't income assessed (so I got peanuts, basically). They told me that everything was okay and they had all my details, and they were just processing stuff, but when I called a few months ago they said they actually didn't. So I sent off stuff, but they said it wasn't what they wanted. And now my mum has to get some more stuff from inland revenue so she can send it to them and I can get my money...

Aaargh, I'm tired of being a poor uni student! And my mum can't just keep paying for EVERYTHING. So hopefully in the future they'll be more clear? And I don't know how much longer it'll be before I get my money. I haven't even gotten my textbooks and I've got exams coming up (I've got a test at the start of next week, and guess what? I barely know what its about!)

In all fairness they have like millions of applications, but I seriously wish that they'd hurry up. So I can't tell you when you'll get your money but hopefully we'll both get paid soon ¬_¬

Willie Said:

How do I cancel my UCAS form, accomodation application and my student finance info until a year later?

We Answered:

If I were you I would not cancel your UCAS form, you should contact both UEA and Hertfordshire and discuss the option of deterring your entry till next year. If you cancel you will have to reapply through UCAS and UEA and Hertfordshire may not accept you, there may be better candidates. Also, talk to them about the accommodation form just in case you do/do not have to reapply.

Student Finance you should cancel just call them and they will arrange that.

Shannon Said:

A question about UK passport application?

We Answered:

IPS are totally separate from the Student Loan Company - they just use the same directgov web portal. This is the big point - directgov is just an attempt to provide a "one stop shop" for British government stuff BUT it's the people behind it that can be the problem, and as I say, IPS is not the Student Loan Company.

I've never had any problem with the Passport Office. Either you provide all the right documents and then you get a passport in about 3 weeks, or you don't. For a first-time applicant they may require you to attend for an interview just to prove you are who you are.

Not that I've ever used it... ever since I got my first passport in 1982 I've always renewed it by getting a passport form from the Post Office and it comes back in 3 weeks like clockwork.

I like this question... it maybe proves that directgov isn't a good thing as it lumps in the bad government departments with the good ones.

Tara Said:

Help in applying for student finance in England for parents of new student for 2009/2010?

We Answered:

It is not a mistake, student finance works in arrears. If your parents are earning less now than in the financial year of 2007-2008 then yes you need to inform them, so this can be taken into consideration when calculating your loans/grants.

All forms will be on the link below:…

I know student finance are very busy at the moment, but if you have any more query's, do keep trying, as I do know in some cases a letter, payslips or P60 are sometimes excepted, however I don't want to say for sure and delay your claim. GL

Alicia Said:

University Grants + Loans?

We Answered:

well it really depends on your school and state. since your parents are divorced i would only claim your mom on the fafsa application. then grants, loans and scholarships are decided by the school. you may qualify for federal and state grants as well as school scholarships and federal loans, but i cant give you a ball park amount because it can change from year to year, there are alot of factors that go into determining financial aid, the lower your EFC (expected family contribution) on your SAR after completeing the FAFSA the more aid you will probably recieve for the year.

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