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Student Finance Disability

Gina Said:

Do you think it's more important work 2 jobs to pay off my student loans, or...?

We Answered:

Have you considered talking to the student loan companies and requested a deferment or forebarance on payments since you are disabled and unemployed? They do offer it in certain circumstances. You might want to consider working for the federal, state, or local governments since they have a program to hire disabled workers. Government workers get great benefits compared to private employers. Also, there is a program for goverment workers to get their student loans forgiven. You will need to talk to the Office or Department of Vocational Rehabilitation in your area to get the necessary paperwork for qualifying for the disabled employee applications to qualify. Good luck!

Amber Said:

Financial Aid for Student with challenges?

We Answered:

I'm not sure where you are writing from, but in the US we have two types of financial aid. For a student going to college the first time, he would apply for a PELL Grant. This is free money for school, he does not have to pay it back. Once the gran expires, he would apply for a Stratford Loan, which does need to be paid back. Check out FASA online.

Best of luck!

Oscar Said:

Help with Student Finance! (UK)?

We Answered:

If you live in England you would get:

Maintenance Loan - Paid directly to you £3497 (repayable)
Tuition Fee Loan - Paid directly to your college/university £3290 (repayable)
Higher Education Maintenance Grant - Paid directly to you £2906 (non-repayable)

Hope that helps, good luck with your course : )

ps have a look at - search Student Finance - this site will tell you how and when to apply.

Jacob Said:

FInancial Aid for student with challenges?

We Answered:

sure is!

Also, it would be best to pass by the college he plans to attend and visit the financial aid office (usually located in the main building of the campus, along with registration and the bursars office). For the 2010 fafsa which covers this semester and spring semester. He will need a completed 1080 or 1080 ez (or however he files his taxes) along with his parents tax information if under the age of 23. Begin the process of getting a pin from now and make sure the pin is not lost or forgotten as it takes 6-8 weeks to replace. Hope this helps and good luck!

Patricia Said:

Financial Aid for student with challenges?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

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