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Student Finance Distance Learning

Bobbie Said:


We Answered:

The best would be the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Check the details for eligibility, Fees (approx. 21,700/- for entire course) Etc. with the following link.…

You could also check with the following universities:

In terms of fees, network & curriculam, I find IGNOU to be a better one.

Andrew Said:

Can you receive Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for an accredited college of Independent Study/Distance Learning?

We Answered:

Schools that offer only "correspondence-style" Distance Learning Programs are not eligible for participation in the federal student aid system, because they violate the participation standard known as the Correspondence Course limitation.

Schools that offer "telecommunications-style" Distance Learning Programs are eligible for participation.

"A telecommunications course is one that is offered principally through the use of one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between these students and the instructor, whether asynchronously or in “real-time.”

"A correspondence course is a home-study course provided by a school under which the school provides instructional materials, including examinations on the materials, to students who are not physically attending classes at the school. When a student completes a portion of the instructional materials, the student takes the examinations that relate to that portion of the materials and returns the examinations to the school for grading."

If a school offers more than 50% of its courses by correspondence, it is not eligible to participate in the federal aid program.

If your school offers telecommunication courses, it may be eligible to participate, but it must also satisfy other participation criteria.

Here's the thing: The criteria that the Department of Education uses to evaluate schools that apply to the program are criteria that are important to the students, themselves. They all relate to the quality of the program, and the success of the program in graduating and placing students in employment. As you can imagine, participation in the aid system is a big plus for any school, so you really have to wonder why a school would intentionally elect not to participate. If a program does not participate, that's a big red flag for you.

You can get federal aid for distance learning programs, but you'll need to continue searching for schools that are accepted participants. That's your guarantee of quality, institutional control and reliability.

Good luck!

Margie Said:

How can I become a student through distance learning programme in the States.?

We Answered:

Go to… and use the link which takes you to the new international division of the University of Phoenix. You'll find several programs which can prepare you for a career in banking.

Ellen Said:

I have done BCOM now want to do Mba distance learning?

We Answered:

if u want to do M.B.A ....its good thing .....
just check out

For online courses visit

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