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Leah Said:

Why is it some jews do not like white people?

We Answered:

I don't know dude, but Bill Gates looks like a white man to me. Maybe he has a brown skin fetish.

Nathan Said:

Why do people lie about the DREAM act?

We Answered:

Why do people lie?

Cynthia Tucker noted on Yahoo News, "Much of the fury directed at illegal immigrants feeds off the notion that many of them are unfairly taking advantage of benefits that should be restricted to American citizens. However, that's not the case with college; undocumented students are not displacing bona fide citizens who have been denied a seat in Calculus II. In fact, the United States doesn't have nearly enough students attending college. President Obama has talked again and again about the country's decline in educational attainment: The U.S. used to the lead the world in the number of people with college degrees, but we've fallen behind."

Furthermore, there is an emphasis on "illegal" which is exactly what current and past civil rights movements have struggled against. Just as it was not "legal" for women to vote, or not "legal" to discriminate on the basis of race, so too this civil rights movement will overcome legalities which allow for a second class to exist and be exploited. There is an irrational fear about "invasion" and it has been forgotten that just like Irish were not considered "white" because of the "law" and that has come to change in time. There was a fear of the Irish invasion due to immigration and the same fears and comments that those "Know Nothings" made back then and still heard today.
It is unfortunate that history must repeat itself in this manner, but it is not likely to be the last time.

There are also economic arguments made against the DREAM Act and undocumented, which are not well supported. According to James Smith, a senior economist at Santa Monica-based RAND Corporation and lead author of the study “The New Americans: Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Effects of Immigration”, immigrants contribute as much as $10 billion to the American economy each year. Separate research by both George Borjas, Robert W. Scrivner Professor of Economics and Social Policy at Harvard University and Paul Samuelson, Nobel Prize-winning economist from MIT has shown that illegal immigration had a substantial effect on reducing the economic status of U.S. poor while benefiting middle class individuals and wealthier Americans.” And from NYT (2008), "How Immigrants Saved Social Security." The author states "Immigration is good for the financial health of Social Security because more workers mean more tax revenue. Illegal immigration, it turns out, is even better than legal immigration. In the fine print of the 2008 annual report on Social Security, released last week, the program’s trustees noted that growing numbers of “other than legal” workers are expected to bolster the program over the coming decades." And please make a note of this in particular, "We’re not talking chump change. According to the report, the taxes paid by other-than-legal immigrants will close 15 percent of the system’s projected long-term deficit. That’s equivalent to raising the payroll tax by 0.3 percentage points, starting today."

There is no way that all undocumented people can be deported from the US. If all undocumented left it would have a negative effect on the labor market, higher education, economy, taxes, society, etc. This has been well documented and largely ignored.

So why do people lie? Unfounded fear, racism, xenophobia, ignorance (particularly of historical facts), narrow-mindedness - take your pick. DREAM Act is the right and moral thing to do, and there is also factual evidence that it would be beneficial to individuals, communities and government. There are numerous sponsors, such as religious organizations, higher education institutions, labor unions, political representatives, economists, etc. Clearly, a win-win since the bill would not cost anything to implement.

Sharon Said:

Are people against the DREAM act because they are misinformed?

We Answered:

I support the Dream Act. The majority of Americans are misinformed, especially the people in this forum. The people who claim to be "informed" are corrupted by a sense of entitlement which can usually be traced by to American pride, xenophobia, and nativism. Essentially, they are afraid of what they do not know. This bill is morally, economically, and politically sound. But because Americans think that they should have the right to everything, they oppose it. One of the commentators before me stated that it would remove seats from citizens. Since when is education given? No, in America it is earned. If an undocumented immigrant takes the seat from a U.S. citizens it's because he/she earned it. If you're child is too stupid to get into a university, blame it on yourself, hell blame it on society. However, DO NOT say it's unfair. It is completely fair. In a country that supports fair play policies, its ironic that they don't think it's fair when an illegal immigrant wants to become upward mobile. It's sickening how modern Americans are twisting the American dream. It's also selfish. Another thing people mentioned is the fact that these students should go back to their country after earning an education here. How is this fair? Most don't even know how to speak their native tongue. Also, they must overcome obstacles in order to gain admittance into their respective countries? (different standardized tests, languages, classes, etc) To be American and to deny this law to pass is pure bigotry. I know this because I live in the middle of these two worlds. I am undocumented. I came from Mexico at the age of 4. I have lived here all my life and consider this my country. I value my roots and can speak my language fluently. However, I want to stay in America because this is my country. I grew up here, all my friends are here. Why should I go back to a country that I don't know? If anyone tells me to "go back to my country" I can only reply that I am already here. This law needs to pass now. I graduated at the top of my class, in fact with a GPA 4.65 out of 4.00. Why should I be limited in my education because of a stupid 9 digit number? Why should I not be given a chance to better myself? Again, this act only allows an opportunity. Again, it does not GIVE anything, it ALLOWS for an opportunity. For those that call themselves "American," I think its laughable. Because the undocumented students are more politically aware and more academically engaged than most of the U.S. citizens I know. Let's see how many of your kids can earn citizenship? You people are lucky that your children are given citizenship by birth. If they had to earn their citizenship, it'd be a completely different story. Trust me. Thanks and I hope people here gain a better understanding.

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