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Manuel Said:

How long is too long to be in love with someone on the other side of the world?

We Answered:

There's a song in Gilbert & Sullivan's "Iolanthe", which begins:

Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest
Love, hopeless love, my ardent soul encumbers
Love, nightmarelike, lies heavy on my chest
and robs itself of my midnight slumbers.

Love is noble, but needs to be practical, and long-distance relationships are not the easiest to maintain.

Harold Said:

What is the best way to get financing for my small business?

We Answered:

The business proposal is too long-winded and repeats itself regularly. The parts regarding filming events and capturing them onto dvd etc are mentioned several times, and yet this is not a unique service - it is readily available in the marketplace. It only needs to be mentioned once. Concentrate more on the unique elements of the business such as the internship and exactly how that will work. Write down each individual aspect of the business and then allocate each point to one of the Sub-headings, so that you are not repeating yourself. In section A (business overview) the line "Video Memory was generated after a successful attempt to create a treasured digital video memory of the owner’s daughter" implies that you are absolute beginners - I'd change that! Don't use the word attempt.
You will need to have a good, clear financial layout for people to look at, as well as a financial business plan for the future.
It would also be worthwhile asking someone to double check the grammar and punctuation before you submit the plan - it's ok but could be better.
Good luck with the venture.

Julian Said:

Investor Needed for School/College in Pakistan?

We Answered:

your Government in Pakistan spends 1/3 of its GDP on the military so maybe they should rethink and spend more on education!

Rick Said:

Can i go back if i ask a new court date with my warrant?

We Answered:

You missed your court date. So now you have a felony bench warrant and a Failure To Appear charge. (Another felony.) Getting a new court date will not dismiss the warrant. A bench warrant can only be cleared by having you actually appear before the judge.
Further, you will likely be required to post bail this time. Once you get a Failure to Appear, you are no longer eligible to be released on your own recognizance. Further, your ties to a foreign country and the fact that you left the country unlawfully when you were supposed to appear in court makes you a substantial flight risk. Don't be surprised if they also revoke your passport.

Virgil Said:

What is the best option in getting financing for my business?

We Answered:

Eskimos camp out in my back yard

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