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Randall Said:

Who lives in halls and how much do you pay and what do you get? UK ONLY PLEASE.?

We Answered:

I'm in halls (i don't really like it, it's OK.. but I've seen others that are better if not more expensive however).
I've got a single en suite, with vacuum cleaner, free-view with 3 sky channels, free Internet, desk, oven, microwave, fridge freezer, side cabinet, under bed storage, cooker, cutlery + plates (never use them!), Parking - has an additional charge i think, free postage and signing, the launderette is a rip off here!! and you have to get a card for a tenner, before you even begin the expensive process of washing.
But yeah.. mine is 88 pounds a week.. a double en suite would be 94 it think. I share with 3 other people.
If you're looking to have an en suite for definite it would probably be, at the very least, 80 pound a week! out of my experience.. I don't know elsewhere around the country though. Obviously London would be more expensive..

Scott Said:

HP laptop recommendation

We Answered:

Ohh yeah, this will be nice enough to run for about 4 years, even more if you take good care of it. But it will be able to run the things you asked.

Paula Said:

(HELP WITH FRENCH) Is the grammar in these sentences correct?

We Answered:

- I edited some sentences so as to word them as a French native would, but still your French is very good!
:l est étudiant EN biotechnologie (He is a biotechnology student).
- Il aime jouer au tennis, à des jeux sur l'ordinateur et AU piano. (He loves playing tennis, computer games, and the piano.)
- Il déteste NE faire rien (he hates "doing nothing"; in other words wasting time), programmer les codes D'ordinateur (he hates programming computer codes), et LES sports comme le foot, LA boxe (and sports such as football and boxing).

- Elle travaille DANS UN laboratoire DE RECHERCHE en thérapie cellulaire (she works in a Cell Therapy research laboratory).
- Elle aime danser, cuisiner, LES activitéS physiqueS et la randonnéE. (She loves dancing, cooking, and hiking.)
- Elle déteste repasser. (She hates ironing clothes.)

- Il TRAVAILLE DANS LA FINANCE. (He works in finances.)
- Il aime jouer du piano et de la guitare, voir de bon films et lire. (He loves to play the piano and guitar, watch good movies, and read.)
- Il déteste tomber malade, perdre son temps, et la corruption. (He hates to get sick, waste his time, and corruption.)

Carole Said:

About Japanese Scholarships?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Louis Said:

bib page format?

We Answered:


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