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Student Finance England Apply

Brent Said:

student finance england application help?

We Answered:

I have also appllied for student finance last week and, unsurprising, i had the same problem. I thought i must had been doing everything wrong. I paid student services at my college a visit. They explained to what i'm about to explain to you right now.

You dont apply for Student Grand, no-one does. The stage you are now where it wants you to accept terms and conditions do accept them. There is no problem by acception them. When you accept them it means that your application, at that moment, is NO MEANS TESTED. That basically means you haven't send or provided your Parents or Parent's P60. All you need to do is finish the application form and then your part is done.

To get the Maintanance Grant your Parents or Parents will need to register with Student Finace England as a parent supporting an Application Form. Then she will be given a refference number which she will use to support YOUR application. On your application i believe you saw where it says support an Application Form yeah that bit is for your parents to do NOT YOU. It will ask your parent to put the amount of income she got between 5 April 2008 to 2009. That amount will determine how much student grant you will get or if you get it at all. If your parents combined together earns less than 25 thounds a year then you will get the maximum amount. So it works like that.

Just to clarify you dont need to do anything about Student Grant. Your parents needs to support your application, this means providing their income written on their P60, in order for you to receive Student Grant.You dont applying for student grant just by providing your parents income that way you will get Student Grant.

Hope i helped.

Kathy Said:

I want to apply for Msc Banking and Finance in England after completing 16 years of education from India.?

We Answered:

Since you are in India, this website shall prove extremely useful for you . Just click on the flag of UK. You shall find all the details over there. is the official website of the UK government to assist international admissions. Go through that website properly and look for their offices in India.

All the best!

Viola Said:

Student Finance question. HELP?! (UK)?

We Answered:

You parent is required to also fill in a form on Student Finance in which they will write their income etc. once this has been processed Student Finance will tell you what grant (if any) you are entitled to. Hope this helped.

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