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Student Finance England Contacts

Laura Said:

I don't know what to do -student finance england?

We Answered:

Sorry to hear your situation. However, I will say that in my experience, the SLC are an absolute nightmare - I've now graduated but I had to fight tooth and nail to get them to accept my situation (somewhat similar to yours in that I was living independently from my parents). You really need to keep going - but please do speak to the advisors (welfare) at your university ASAP. Don't suffer in silence. They will do what they can to help keep you on the course; they may even be able to contact the SLC on your behalf and apply a bit of pressure. It may also be worth contacting the Citizen's Advice Bureau for further advice.
I'd also speak to your bank and worse-case scenario see if they will extend your overdraft in the meantime.

I did eventually get things resolved but it took a lot of hassle and stress. It was almost as if they kept ignoring me for long enough that they thought I'd just give up and go away. No chance!

Keep at it but please DO speak to welfare ASAP.

Calvin Said:

estrangement and student finance?

We Answered:

I suggest you speak with a solicitor about this!

Louise Said:

How do I write a statuatory declaration that I am seperated from spouse?

We Answered:

"All you need to do to be legally separated is live apart. You do not need any formal legal document, although it can be helpful to record any agreement in a 'deed of separation'. ... You and your partner should each have separate legal advice before you sign such a legal agreement."

If you do need a deed of separation you will want to save up for a solicitor to draft one. At the very least, even if you draft one yourself, you will need to engage a Notary Public to swear it in, and make it effective. You would be well advised to contact your Citizen's Advice Bureau - advice, after all, is free.

Norman Said:

Student Finance England Asked Me To Prove?

We Answered:

the only way they would contact your mum is if you put her down on your form that you lived with her?

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