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Student Finance England Email

Lorraine Said:

what can i do to save our relationship?

We Answered:

so for 9 months he didnt know you didnt have a job? so if you move who will pay the rent? if he really loves you like he said he wouidnt care or even kick you out just because your a different nationality or dont have a job but you shouid have told him the truth sooner. it looks like he is always putting his parents into your relationship which isnt good. its like your dating him and the parents, but maybe his family just dont want him to get used for his money. either way its pretty clear he made up his mind and you prolonging the move is getting everyone aggrivated so just move out & move on with your life.

Dan Said:

Why is there an N/A against the maintenance grant of my final offer?

We Answered:

I think it's because they are still processing that part of the application. They have to ensure that you qualify for it before they will give you the grant. Give it a week at least if not then get in contact with them.

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