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Student Finance England Evidence

Kristen Said:

student visa for England?

We Answered:

two denials = forget it for at least 5 years

Floyd Said:

What further salary/benefits can be indicated by a W1 tax code on a P60?

We Answered:

A week 1 code does not necessarily mean your Father had benefits in employment. There can be other reasons for a non-cumulative code, although if benefits are included in code number for the first time (or there is an increase in the previous year's form P11D), HMRC issue a week 1 code, so that the taxpayer does not have a large tax deduction in one week. There will not be any extra salary, this is all on form P60. If there are benefits, there should also be a form P11D showing what they are, and the value.
You haven't told us what the code number was, so that we can try to analyse it. There aren't really many benefits that aren't taxable. Did he have a company car, car fuel benefit, mobile phone, mortgage paid, or private health-care? Those are the most common benefits. If you can find any forms P2 (notices of coding) even for a different year, it may indicate what benefits he is receiving.

Leroy Said:

Student Finance England Problems!!?

We Answered:

Student Finance company = totally useless idiots.
Many of my friends don't get their loan until 2 or 3 weeks after they are supposed to. Each year the company has to deal with more and more students, they are becoming increasingly incompetent.
All you can do is get on the phone to them and start moaning and hassling them.
Your university is probably use to this happening, it seems to happen every year at my uni, so I am sure they will understand if you just explain to them.
Good luck!

Delores Said:

Ahhhhhhhh HELP Student Finance England!!! Worried?

We Answered:

Hi Simone. If you have read the newspaper and BBC web on Student Support, you will see that many many students will be in the same position as you.

It is expected that Uni's and Colleges will take this into account and allow students extra time to pay for accommodation and fees etc.

Try not to worry too much, not easy I know.

About your Independence status - have you asked the Tax Office if they can supply you with details of the tax year you haven't got evidence for? Might be worth looking into.

Hope this helps and good luck with your course :)

Amy Said:

student visa for England?

We Answered:

A settlement visa and a student visa are different in that with a settlement visa, you're trying to MOVE to a country. A student visa, you're simply there to study and not to stay on permanently.

Try this site for rules that apply to a settlement visa:…

And this one, for rules pertaining to a student visa:…

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