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Student Finance England Part Time

Ruben Said:

Tips on Renting for Students in England (but all tips are welcome!!)?

We Answered:

tip 1: look for something in your price range

tip 2: try to find room mates

tip 3: make sure to pay all your bills

Lee Said:

Should i rent my house out? What would you do in this situation?

We Answered:

You absolutely can rent out a room and this is what you should look at doing first as it is the most conservative (least disruptive and risky) option. You move yourself into the single room and let out the decent room. If necessary, put most of your stuff at your parents' house.

If that does not work then your parents is obviously the only other choice you have.

Then you need to look into ways to get your ex off the house. You can't blame him for not wanting to contribute to a place he does not live in and it is decent of him to agree to remain on the mortgage for the time being because he could have forced a refinance/sale. Unfortunately, he still can so don't get too excited about his meeting someone else.

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