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Student Finance England Phone

Hazel Said:

Student Finance England: Has anyone else had major problems? (Read details)?

We Answered:

Call and have hell with them. They can't reject two submissions and not explain why.

I was lucky enough to be able to get an accountant to sign mine. Do you know of any lawyers or anyone like that?

Myrtle Said:

What the hell is going on with my student finance?

We Answered:

I don't exactly know how your financial aid system works but it seems like you should defiantly contact the company considering they gave you more than they were supposed to and b/c you have quite school (so you shouldn't be getting any of that money).

Tracy Said:

Should I be expected to pay rent to my parents?

We Answered:

Well, i think the answer lays in the answer to my question. How soon can you get back into college? the school year has already started, so do you plan to enter an already started college course and catch up or do you plan to wait until next year to enroll on a course?

If you are started a course this month then, i'd prob let you off one months rent. If you plan to re-start college next academic year (sept) then no, you'd have to either pay out of your student loan or get a job.

You do not need to re-pay the student loan right now btw, however, you need to be mindful that your course fees, loans and grants for this year will leave you short when you come to re-enroll at uni. How will you fund your final year if you have already had the course fees and funding this year??

Good luck with your education, hope you get it all sorted soon :-)

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