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Student Finance Entitlement

Delores Said:

looking for information about students grants and finance in lambeth local?

We Answered:

Ok, is a national system therefore your daughter will get the same level of funding as is available to all students in England and Wales (Scotland and NI are slightly different).

Full information and forms can be found at

As long as your daughter is studying a standard course and meets the residence requirements she should be eligible for maximum support if you are a low income family.

It's all slightly overwhelming so i'll try and break some of it down for you:

What she should receive:

Tuition Fee Loan - upto £3070 for the year (will be set at the rate what the Uni charge)

Maintenance Grant - £2765

Maintenance Loan - £5085 (if studying in London), £3280 (if studying elsewhere), £2265 (if staying at the parental home

Bursary - A minimum of £305 from the University, however many Universities will give more than this.

The best thing to do is to contact your local authority, ask to speak to the student support section and they'll be able to explain it all to you and send you the form (PN1) to apply if you haven't already got them or don't want to download them from the website.

Aaron Said:

Help help help............................?

We Answered:

no no no. if you havent recieved a letter by now you arent going to. you have to provide evidence of recieving no income

Harry Said:

Student Finance letter of entiltlement?

We Answered:

Should the date be 08/13/2010, instead of 13/08/2010, as written?
If it is 08/13/2010, the timing in about right. The college's make a bulk mailing at the end of the month. If you are concerned, call the college and find out what the status of your account is.
Yes, I had to withdraw from a class and I still have not gotten the paperwork, or refund, it is just being processed. I contacted the business office 3x''s before I knew my status.

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