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Student Finance Estimate

Clayton Said:

Financing college education for adult student?

We Answered:

If you have an EFC of $12,000 that means YOU are expected to contribute $12,000 to your you can only receive $3,000 in aid if your tuition is $15,000. They may have a higher tuition rate for expenses, etc. Unfortunately it means you make too much money. My EFC all through undergrad was $150.00!

I wouldn't talk to your ADMISSIONS counselor but rather a FINANCIAL AID counselor. They can advise you on scholarships you may be eligible for (many private universities have their own scholarships in place). You are probably automatically ineligible for any grants due to lack of financial need (not to say you aren't NEEDING assistance, but according to their formula for determination).

I would DEFINITELY try a state school. Tuition is MUCH less and to be is just as good (if not better). Unless you are going to Harvard or name means nothing to most employers.

Good luck!!!

Francisco Said:

How long does it take to complete double majors?

We Answered:

I completed my double major in 4 years like any other degree. I actually finished my first major in finance within the first 3 years and still needed credits, and instead of wasting them on something useless like basketweaving or something like that, I added a second major in insurance and completed that degree the following semester. I think honestly...unless you really plan on working in a particular field. One major is sufficient for a particular employer. I would not have taken on the second major if I would have had to stay in school longer than the normal 120 credits needed to graduate. But I'm glad I was able to complete both in the allotted time frame. The two majors kind of went hand in hand until the end, which is why I only need a couple of classes to gain the second major.

Stephen Said:

How do you calculate total SSI benefit for the FAFSA Online?

We Answered:

She should have been getting annual reports from SSI as to her income...
They get sent out every year for people to refer to them to fill out taxes etc and of course pell grant applications.
You may want to ask her about those reports, if she saves them.

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