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Student Finance Evidence

Deborah Said:

Student finance did not ask for parental evidence?!?!?!?

We Answered:


What do you mean by 'it said that they were currently not waiting for any evidence"? did it say in the application or after it got processed??
I work for the Financial Aid Office at my university and the application should not say that even if your parents have filled out everything in it. The financial office usually asks for paper copies with signatures of documents from your parents to make sure you are not lying. However if it says in the application it might mean that they do not expect you to turn in any paper work such as tax returs or W2 forms yet until they ask you for them. However, what I would recommend is that you call the office to ask if they need any additional paper work from your parents because if you do need them and dont turn them in, it will cause a delay in the process of your application.

I hope it helped! :)

Vernon Said:

how do you send student finance evidence off?

We Answered:

See if the website has an FAQ link (frequently asked questions) and includes instructions.

Julio Said:

Evidence for Student Finance..?

We Answered:

Yea trying to call and actually speak to a real person is a pain in the butt... As for your parents proof of income i would just show your mothers and show your dads as unemployed since he apparently is being paid under the table and doesn't have a W2.

~Response to Additional Details~

In that case he has to have a W2 or a 1040 form (i think thats the name of the self employement form) because he will have to file taxes on his wages at the end of the year. You only need a copy of that form.

Josephine Said:

i have no evidence of tax year 08/09 and my mother has went bankrupt, what do i do for student finance?

We Answered:

Your mom needs to submit a Form 4506t to the IRS and check Box 7. They'll send her a "verification of non-filing" which should be enough for your financial aid office to accept as evidence that she claimed no reportable income that year.

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