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Rene Said:

Would my laptop last from December 2008 to Mid 2013?(specs included)?

We Answered:

Only one with a crystal ball could tell you if this machine will last that long. Technology changes on a weekly basis, new products are released all the time. No one can predict a hardware failure.

Based on the specs above it's a great system. How long it would last is anyones guess.

Sandra Said:

Will this computer run Photocshop CS4 smoothly?

We Answered:

i don't think it will run smoothly. the Turion X2 RM series has too little L2 cache memory and the graphics card HD 3200 is also low end.

my suggestion for a laptop in an equivalent price category would be this Toshiba A305…
it has a smaller screen of 15.4" but the CPU (C2D T6400) and the graphics card Radeon HD 3650 will do the job.

Ramona Said:

Sevarel Question on Compaq Presario V5305Media Center Notebook?

We Answered:

You got a great deal on the computer. Couple of suggestions. If you're going to use the laptop at home, I'd suggest you get a laptop cooling pad. The pad has extra fans to help circulate air and takes the strain off the internal fan. Laptop will last longer. You can see what they look like at this eBay link:…

At some point you'll probably want to add some extras like a printer, maybe another external hard drive (if you want to save a lot of music, games, photos), plug in a digital camera, or that laptop cooling pad, etc. All of these need to be plugged in to a USB port and you've got only two of them. So I'd suggest a USB Hub. It's like an extension cord with at least 4 ports. Plug one in and your 2 ports become 5 ports. Here's another eBay link so you can see what they look like:…

You've got some extras thrown in that will cost you big bucks if you decide to renew the trial subscriptions. In my opinion, Norton is a memory hog. And Microsoft Office just costs too much. There's a lot of really excellent freeware available. For free antivirus and antispyware poducts look at AVG, Kapersky, SpyBot, even Windows Defender. You can do an advanced search through Yahoo Answers for links. And there's a free suite of office products from that's just as good as Microsoft Office and it's totally compatible.

And finally, if you ever want to learn more about your computer, or get the latest drivers, BIOS, scan for problems, etc., here's a link to the Compaq support page. Lots of good info here:…

Hope some of this helps.


Suzanne Said:

My brother wants to trade computers. Tell me if its a good deal?

We Answered:

Your computer is vastly superior.

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