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Student Finance For Masters Degree

Joseph Said:

Is this a good time to study for a masters degree?

We Answered:

To know when it is a good time to start your graduate studies, you need to know yourself. I don't think it is the same for everybody. I am about to start my Master's degree (I just finished my Bachelor's) so I think it is easier when you just continue your studies because getting back to school after you are out for years can be rough especially if you have to work, study and take care of your family at the same time. I had some older classmates who worked full-time while taking classes and although they enjoyed getting back to school, they found it hard to fit in because of their age and different interests. I would recommend that you study until you have to cope with other issues like supporting a family and working while you are in school. Don't stress yourself out.
To answer your question, I plan to complete my Master's in 12-14 months simultaneously with the completition of a graduate certificate at another university. How did I know I am ready for it? Because I know it will be hard to get back to school after I start working. Choose a major that you like and that makes it a lot easier. What I mean is it is not enough if you choose a major that is considered competitive if you don't like it because you will have a hard time studying something you are not interested in and you probably won't even like a related career field either. So choose something that seems to be beneficial in the future and it should be something you like at the same time.

I wish you good luck!

Bobbie Said:

easiest way to finance a masters degree?

We Answered:

Go for a program that offers financial support. This is often in the form of doing a teaching assistantship. The best offers are usually in the technical or professional fields [engineering, etc] rather than the liberal arts, although I do know someone who got a lot of financial aid as an English Master's degree student. She is extremely bright and talented.

Kurt Said:

University Master degree in Finance in United statea?

We Answered:

Roberta Said:

If i want to get CPA, should i get my BS degree in Finance first? Then Master in Accounting?

We Answered:

If you're interested in investment banking, etc. you should go with a finance BBA and then the MBA. Instead of the CPA, go for a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). It's a set of three very difficult tests and is much more valuable than the CPA. You will get some accounting classes both as a finance undergrad and an MBA.

Lonnie Said:

I have been offered admission to study in the UK for a masters Degree but finance is my biggest problem.?

We Answered:

that might help.

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