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Student Finance For Mature Students

Leonard Said:

MBA plus CFA or CPA... Where is this mature student to go to get some job experience?

We Answered:

My advice to you would be go for CPA, many MBA program allow you to concentrate on accounting, therefore you can take enought accounting class to qualify for the CPA exam. To become a CFA take at least 3 years, on average people take 4-5 years, since for CFA you must complete three different exam and those exam are only offer once a year (with the exception of the first exam, they are now offering it twice a year), it would be very difficult for you to pass the CFA exam if you have no experience what-so-ever, if you are serious about becoming a CFA, you should go to a M.S. in Financial Analysis program, where they concentrate on the CFA exam content. You should also look into becoming a finanical advisor and gettng your CFP (certified finanical planner) certification. I just believe much more opportunities exist for a CPA than a CFA, espeically you are no longer a fresh college grad where you can wait years trying to pass the CFA exam, while gaining experience.

Alex Said:

Crap grades, mature student, but wants to goto a good uni.?

We Answered:

Your best route into a strong university, as a mature student with poor past grades, is an access course, or a foundation year. If you do one of those courses - ideally, one linked to the uni you want to go to afterwards - and do well in it, you will be admitted into a strong university. Your old grades won't be held against you, in that circumstance.

Many universities have access courses and other routes for mature students to take in order to get into them. You may want to start by identifying some unis that you like, then checking their websites and/or contacting them about access courses and other options for mature entry.

Marshall Said:

Teacher Training course for mature student?

We Answered:

Your qualifications are NOT out of date.

You will need to upgrade your HNC to a degree to teach. Either a degree followed by PGCE or a degree that includes a teaching qualification.

If you want to teach Adults you could look at a Cert Ed that leads to QTLS - you do not need a degree to do that but it certainly helps.

Jorge Said:

I'd like to do a distance finance degree - I live in Kuwait.. What's the best one?

We Answered:

While planning ten years in the future for the degree I want to get after I finish my current masters and the one I want afterwords (I'm a learning junky) I found this one: Msc financial economics from School of oriental and African studies university of London.… If this isnt exactly what your looking for check out their other programs, its a goof school with interesting coursework. Not too cheap but a bargain I think compared to some other stuff out there.

Milton Said:

vet science as a mature student?????

We Answered:

There is no bias towards younger students. Mature student status is actually easier to get than entrance straight from high school. Since you have A levels, I'm assuming you have the grades. That's all that matters. Get into contact with advisors for the school you are planning to attend. Good luck!

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One of the benefits of being a mature student is you feel more relaxed than your academic peers who are younger, and also have a clearer motivation to guide you in your studies.