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Student Finance Form

Lewis Said:

Student finance form (HELP?)?

We Answered:

EVERYONE has problems with SF last year nobody got their money on time. You should ring them up - don't use your mobile it will take ages - and they will tell you what you need to do, keep them on the phone to explain further if you don't get it, because they seem ot like confusing you!

Judy Said:

online student finance form?...?

We Answered:

Before sending your original documents its advisable to copy them.

When you send the documents you should send an accompanying letter with all your details and the address for the return of the documents. If they sent you any references numbers for your application quote these as well. Spend the extra money and post Special Delivery or get a receipt from the Post Office.

Carrie Said:

Student Finance Form?

We Answered:

I would send it back now just to be sure you have some finance in place at the start of term. If it changes you can download another form from the website and send that in to update the information. If you're not sure, just give them a call - I had a lot of problems with my application, and they were really helpful over the phone!

Doris Said:

student finance form?...?

We Answered:

yeah send itt to the adress make sure its by recorded delivery..... they check it and send it right back... :)

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