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Student Finance Grant

Adam Said:

if you applied for a student finance grant and......?

We Answered:

Basically a student finance grant will be paid to you in three instalments, depending on how much you can get. So that is paid directly to you in to your bank account. If you applied for a tuition fee loan, that will be paid directly to the uni you are studying at, if you didn't apply for the full amount needed to pay for the full amount being charged by your uni then you will need to pay the difference. So if you only have a grant then and didn't apply for a tuition fee loan then you will need to pay the full fee yourself. Hope I helped. If you need anymore info then do let me know :))

Randall Said:

When applying for student finance fees grant, do i still send bith cert, having filled in passport details?

We Answered: - it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Marjorie Said:

Student finance - Maintenance grant?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

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