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Student Finance Head Office

Brett Said:

I am 16 and very interested in finance (investing and trading). Where can I get a start?

We Answered:

You should put together a resume, I understand your still in school but every type of work (paid off volunteer but you just list the job) is a benefit to a perspective employer.

If you live in/near a major city look for Mutual Fund companies, or major insurance companies (not agencies).

Look into some of the larger brokerage firms, many of the larger ones also hire summer help and/or part-timers

Large banking institutions always are looking for interns and/or part-timers.

If your in/near a major city look at the Federal Government, especially the Securities & Exchange Commission. Or you can try FINRA

If your in New York, LA, San Fran, Phila, Chicago try going to either the stock or commodities exchanges, they definitely hire summer help and many hire part-timers

Good luck, I was there many many years ago. If you want something bad enough you can get. Stay in school, study hard and you can do it

Bonnie Said:

Where can I find a job?

We Answered:

if all else fails go to

or your local unemployment agency

it is how I was hired

Sidney Said:

Should I apply to this job?

We Answered:

Yes, apply to the job. Unfortunately, chances are likely that there are many of other people at your college that will also apply and may be better matched than you. But, there is no harm in applying and if they ask you for an interview, then you should tell them that you are able to change your schedule. It definitely sounds like a good position to give you experience for a future career... especially since it seems that right now experience means more to employers than education. Also, often times the HR people interview people that don't meet all their listed requirements, they just put more requirements on the list to weed out more people that don't think they can do the job. Since you are an accounting/finance major, you could technically say you have accounting experience from your accounting classes, anyway (if you have taken some classes, that is).... but I would definitely apply, if I were you.

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