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Student Finance In England

Adrian Said:

Student Finance England, help please?

We Answered:


I enrollede formy course last Sunday, i applied in April and i still have to fill forms which i did months ago, what i learned is to phone them, if you dont get through try again, after 1 hour you will definitaly be talking to someone, try at about 6pm to 8 when they close their lines, and talk to them, they will explain everything to you.

Sometimes their will be something wrong with your application,and they are really bad at contacting you and explaining that something is wrong and we need this info from you, you have to contact them, do it once a day.

Carolyn Said:

Can I sue student finance England for loosing my documents?

We Answered:

You could try, I guess. What strikes me as odd is that you sent them your ORIGINAL documents. Would not a photocopy have sufficed? (at least in the case of the wedding certificate?) It's awful risky to go mailing original important personal documents off to some place. You're lucky the passport wasn't lost as well.

Naomi Said:

Student Finance England:?

We Answered:

Whenever I've received emails from them they've come from:
I'm not sure that you can reply to that address though.
As there's no sign of a contact email address it might be that you have to ring them.
I used this number when I had to confirm some details: 0845 300 5090
Good luck with results next week if you're getting any!

Veronica Said:

Student Finance Direct/England?

We Answered:

No its just for uni. You might be able to receive ALG (adult learning grant) depending on your parents income.

Douglas Said:

Student Finance England! HELP!!!?

We Answered:

Put in the details of the other child, who isn't going to Uni

Annie Said:

I am applying for student finance in England does anyone know what proof of income they require?

We Answered:

Do you mean student grant or student loan?

Student grants are based on your parents Income and not yours and P45's P60's and the like are acceptable as well as DSS annual letters. but do not expect these to meet all the fee's and living expenses!!

For a student loan no income proof is needed but your National INsurance number, birth certificate and passport details.

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