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Student Finance In Scotland

Matthew Said:

How tough is it being a university student in London?

We Answered:

I've been there and done it myself - I moved from a small town in Cheshire to London at Uni.

The good news is that I did that 8 years ago. After I graduated, I loved it so much that I settled here and now work in the city.

That said, it was very tough. At first, I felt like I'd been thrown in at the deep end - everything was so chatoic and hustle and bustle. I think there is some truth to the fact that the city can be impersonal, but if you work hard at it you can make real good friends.

It's expensive; there's no denying that. University halls will eat up most of your student loan, and if you want cheaper halls then you'll trade it off against a longer (and therefore more expensive) commute.

But it does open some great cultural opportunities as well as providing access to some world-class universities. There's no shortage of activities and you real make of the experience what you put in.

No matter what,.... good luck!

Jeanette Said:

About studies in Uk..............?

We Answered:

As an EU student your fees will be £9000 a year. There is no financial assistance. The End

Wesley Said:

Finished my degree in business and finance..what next?

We Answered:

You should go back to Bahrain, no chance here in the UK, get a job their and get some practical experience in, the world is then your oyster, remember experience is almost as important as qualifications.
I worked in Saudi and thought for my last contract I would fly home via Concord from Bahrain, I stayed overnight in Bahrain, it's great place , completely different to Saudi, and you wont miss the UK weather , or will you?
Good luck whatever you do.

Bernice Said:

Would online divorce serve as an authentic legal document if and when presented?

We Answered:

Don't be an idiot, it is only legal if it goes through the courts and you get the legal decrees, you'll have to pay out pal

Betty Said:

finshed my degree in business and finance ...what next?

We Answered:

Don't read the news reports!!!! You can not afford to listen to it, you have debts I would imagine. Start becoming very ruthless in job applications, show hungry and determination. There are jobs everywhere you just need to find them. You may need to relocate. I would say you need actual work experience, there comes a point where education can only take you so far. Companies don't want to bring in someone and show them EVERYTHING.

Cecil Said:

About studies in abroad?

We Answered:

The UK government does not finance students from other countries. However, as you are from the EU, you qualify for the same fees as British students. You are also automatically allowed to work here.

It's _your_ government who will provide any extra financing. Why should British taxpayers pay for you, when neither you nor your family pay any taxes here?

Yes, Oxford takes students from poor backgrounds - it gives bursaries to people who couldn't otherwise afford to go. However, you need to be aware that something like ten times as many people who have grades which "fit the requirements" apply than there are places.

UK banks will not loan you money. You can't have a UK student loan. Again, these are things you will have to arrange in your own country.

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