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Student Finance Income Assessed

Barry Said:

Should U.S. follow Alaska’s example and tax Energy Companies to finance operations?

We Answered:

Alaska alaska, what a retentive state, it's worse than Oregon

Max Said:

When do you recieve your financially assessed status from student finance england 2009/2010?

We Answered:

Hey i am in exaclty the same situation i rung them up about a week ago, and they told me they were backed up and were still going through the financial docuements and forms for people who sent them in late july.....

So basically we just have to wait and hope that we get the finance before our courses start....pretty stupid i think as i know people who start in a matter of days and they still havent received theirs...

Bradley Said:

Should U.S. follow Alaska’s example and tax Energy Companies to finance operations?

We Answered:

What do mean "especially from ENERGY companies"? Sure, you could use the money, but you need to WORK for it, not have it GIVEN to you by the government, STOLEN from the companies. Do you think energy companies are "evil"? Why, because they run a business that makes a profit? WTF do you think businesses are in BUSINESS for?!

Steven Said:

Can I sue student finance for misleading me?

We Answered:

See if you can get a refund on your ticket, and see if you can return the other things you bought. I hope you kept the receipts, because there was no bad faith on their part. It was an honest mistake, one which they would not financially benefit from (because without the loan, clearly you wouldn't be able to go), so I can't imagine that you could sue them. If they took any deposits from you in advance of your attending, you can probably make them refund them. But that's about as far as I really think you could get. I just hope you can get a refund on your ticket and that you kept your receipts for your other things. This is why you should really check your paperwork a significant number of times before you MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY.

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