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Student Finance Independent Student

Claude Said:

How can i get a p60 replacement for 07-08, 08-09?

We Answered:

It is quite a new rule that duplicate forms P60 can be given by employer, but there is no restriction on years involved. Employer must clearly show on each form that it is a duplicate.
Alternatively either employer or HMRC can give you a signed letter on headed notepaper stating details for all years.

Rose Said:

I am an independent college student, living on my own. I need a higher paying job than what I have. Advice?

We Answered:

I am a recent college grad and do not have a car myself so I understand your dilemma,,,,its hard in general to find work. I would suggest trying for any local temp agencies you can give them a rate and the low end would be 10/hr. to do entry level clerical positions...look online to see if any are in your area, or try the unemployment office they should have job leads for you in your area as well as jobs that will provide transport. And you can also consider telemarketing if you are not opposed to it. What about on campus jobs? There are always jobs that need to be filled on campus, so just keep your eyes and ears opened. Ask around. Perhaps seek out an internship that offers a pay. You could take on a small part time job doing something basic like yard work, sitting, walking dogs, etc and so forth. Many times people are more than happy to pick you up for these jobs. Is there anyhing in your area? I am not even sure how you manage bills on that amount of 9 dollars an hour but more power to you. Does your gf have a car maybe you could work where she works, she could get you etc. They always need security officers at various locations. Many times they will pay for certification also as well.

As for transportation: Is your apartment that you are moving to in a city area or no? Most city areas have public transportation like buses, trains and taxis to help you get around. Most larger schools have shuttle buses at least to help you get around campus or off campus. My school was small so it did not have that, I usually had to either walk to where I needed to go (it was a small town so I never had to walk more than 2 miles) anything further I could ask a roomie for a ride and be okay or ask friends to help me out. Because they knew my situation they never hassled me for gas money.

Brent Said:

Ahhhhhhhh HELP Student Finance England!!! Worried?

We Answered:

Firstly The student Loans company will not release any money too you until you have registered for your course at your Uni. (When you receive your confirmation of funds letter, take this to registeration). Secondly, contact your University now and explain the situation, there are/will be many others in similar situations, they will come to an arrangement with you, so please don't worry. And thirdly my own daughter is off to Uni soon and I applied for financial support for her back in March too and in fact only had her loans etc confirmed last week!! They are running somewhat behind with everyone, however have promised to get all loans etc approved by registration. Good luck, please don't worry, it will happen, although do keep your University informed. :)

Lydia Said:

how can i get a p60 replacement for 07-08, 08-09?

We Answered:

HMRC will have all of your previous records - just give them a ring and ask them to send you copies.

Cody Said:

I am eighteen and emancipated can I use this to be considered a independent student?

We Answered:

You're asking a question that has a legal component that I don't think anyone here will be able to answer.

Emancipation is only available to minors - I'm guessing that you filed your petition for emancipation while you were still under the age of majority in your state, and that it took a while for the judge to conduct the investigation and hearing. That doesn't really explain why the judge would even consider a petition from a petitioner who was about to turn 18 anyway.

Under normal circumstances, an emancipated MINOR is automatically classified as an independent for financial aid purposes, and of course, once that minor turns 18, he/she continues to qualify as an independent (even though they are no longer a minor).

It would be interesting to see what the Department of Education (and your school) makes of the claim that you were emancipated when you were already an adult. If the Department finds that your emancipation was planned only to qualify for financial aid independence, I suspect that they would look pretty harshly on that. You need to be prepared to explain to the Department WHY you applied for emancipation just before the entire issue became moot, and why the judge was willing to go ahead with the approval of your petition, despite its irrelevance.

Your school may not even catch the discrepancy - I can't tell you if they'll notice.

Good luck!

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