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Student Finance Information

Tony Said:

Student finance-Awaiting Further Information?

We Answered:

How long did you leave between sending the documentation and checking your status online? It will take a few days to get there and possibly quite a long time for them to process it. Try calling again is all I can suggest...

Erik Said:

i am final year information technology student .can i do MS in finance?

We Answered:

You can,
See the eligibility below,
Candidates should be a graduate from well recognized institute/university of India. The candidates should have scored minimum 50 % in aggregate throughout

Dianne Said:

What is the best way for an international student to get accurate information about the MCAT exam?

We Answered:

MCAT exam information

Cory Said:

I lost my p60 and for the purpose of student finance I asked my employer for my proof of earnings.?

We Answered:

Leaving and getting a form P45 is no good. That would relate to this year, and you need details for last year.
A signed letter, on headed notepaper, either from your employer or tax office giving the information will do. You should be able to get that from one or the other. Follow up with your employer.

Lucy Said:

Do you believe that schools today, teach kids how to survive in the real world? As a high school student, I do?

We Answered:

i agree
im in 8 grade tho

ok i know how to do freaking algebra on a calculator

but i cant divide simple equations!

we learn stuff we will never loose

only class that we do is,economy

i learn life problems from my dad

good questions

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