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Student Finance Ireland

Felicia Said:

I am a student from the uk wanting to go to a uni in the Republic of Ireland. Where do I go for finance?

We Answered:

U could get a part time job or apply for a grant. Most banks in Ireland won't give u a loan unless u have some income coming in even if u are a student particularlly in the current economic climate.

Vincent Said:

can someone on student visa in ireland,get a car financed from some financial institution?

We Answered:

You can and it depends on how much the car costs.

Carl Said:

high school student needs ideas on how to raise money for Ireland Trip?

We Answered:

Car washes, lawn mowing, bake sales... When my then eight year old son wanted an expensive toy, a remote control truck, I helped set him up in business. I used to make lollipops as a hobby, so I had the form trays, sticks, bags, twisty ties, and candy thermometer. He bought the sugar, Karo Syrup, and flavor oils (I had the food coloring,too). I made the lollipops, after they cooled and set he bagged them and sold them around the neighborhood and at school. I had a little T-shirt printed up for him that said, "Lollipops for fun & profit". He was SO cute! But he sold them and reinvested in more sugar and Karo Syrup as needed, and the flavor oils. He saved the rest of his money, and in about three months he had the $600.oo he needed for his toy! Hmmm. Maybe I should start selling lollipops myself as I'm needing more income...

Betty Said:

UK and Irish users only please?

We Answered:

Have you looked on or maybe try and find another Rep. Of Ireland student studying in England and ask them how to go about it.

Melvin Said:

how many stamps do i need for my letter?

We Answered:

enough for 2 first class stamps

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