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Student Finance Is A Joke

Vickie Said:

Advice for college approach... engineering hopeful!!?

We Answered:

Shoot for a school with an engineering program.

Consider a military school for engineering. It sounds like you might need some help staying out of trouble.

Charlie Said:

Cheap and selfish fiance or am I asking for to much?

We Answered:

Well, I could say EXPECTING him to help you is a little selfish. But after all you are engaged, and you will be sharing your money and having to budget for the rest of your lives so you should figure out a solution now. He should not be spending that much money on unnecessary things for him when you're having such a rough time. If he was trying to save it, that would be a different story. When I was in school my fiance had a job making around $90,000 a year and had no problem supporting me. He understood I was in school and wanted me to focus on that. In relationships you're going to have to be able to depend on each other and help each other out when you are able to. Since you're clearly too busy with school to worry about working and you have alot on your plate, he should be more than willing to help you out. It's not about whether or not you helped him in the past. If you're engaged that's a promise to help each other out in the future for whatever he or you may end up needing.

Try asking in a different way, don't HINT at it by complaining about money or talking about how you might need to declare bankruptcy. Flat out talk to him about it. Your problems should also be his problems. You should try to do as much as you can to be independent. Just sit down and talk with him, don't end the conversation until the issue is fixed. If you keep arguing about it your relationship is going to get worse. Communication can solve anything.

Also, appreciate when he helps you out and gives you money- b/c he doesn't have to. So the next time he gives you JUST a couple hundred dollars (which is alot to me-a working college student) make sure you're appreciative.

Leslie Said:

I've recently saw an ad on tv for a dealership that says they will payoff you're vehicle loan?

We Answered:

It is a ploy to get you in the door. Granted they may have a vehicle they "are in good" meaning they got a great deal on it and they may be able to sell it cheaper than they should, but you still owe the money on your current vehicle.

The best way to get out of being so upside down is to find huge rebates. Rebates are basically free money and it can go towards your payoff on your current vehicle.

Look into who has big rebates/incentives, possibly take a look at some leftover new 2007s. But bottom line is you are going to have to come up with money somehow to get you less "upside down".

If you have a 21% interest rate I'm guessing you have struggled in the past and are a little credit challenged.

Banks can overadvance and try to help accommodate your negative equity upto certain percentages (130-140%) with very good credit. However the worse your credit is the more risky and less likely a bank will be to overadvance you on a loan.

Get info on your credit, try to get help with a cosigner if possible, find a car with a big rebate, and you will have to put some money down to get you back in line.

Dealerships can only do so much, but they can't sell you a car if they don't get you in the door first, so be mindful of all of the glamorous adds you hear on the radio and TV.

Gertrude Said:

student loans affecting my credit score?

We Answered:

Federal student loans do not affect your credit negatively unless you are more than 30 days late or miss payments.

If you make your payments on time, they will only have a positive affect on your credit.

Maureen Said:

I think a professor did not like me and may have bias toward certain students: Need advice?

We Answered:

Hi from France ?

You're right, it sounds he doesn't appreciate you !.. Anyway ignore him !.. For that, just think he has a problem in his mind .. Also, think that if he doesn't like you well, it's HIS problem, NOT yours !!.. Do you see ? Just ignore this stupid people..
Usually people who are like that are weak inside themselves, they need to harass / attack other persons for believe they are strong.. But in reality they are very weak !!...

I wish you the best,


Leonard Said:

Do you think Ruth Madoff will write a book on how she survives on only 2.5 million dollars?

We Answered:

yes. Ruth Madoff will write a book.

Lillian Said:

Cash for clunkers hurt the lower class and was bad for the market?

We Answered:

Because Cash for Clunkers wasn't designed to benefit the lower classes or the market. It was designed to produce a short-term increase in demand for automobiles that would benefit the auto workers' unions who make automobiles.

Yes, Virginia, it was just another Obama program for a short-term pay-off to supporters (in this case the auto workers' unions) for their money and votes last November.

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