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Student Finance Jobs

Nelson Said:

Starting jobs for Business Admin (BBA) / Finance student?

We Answered:

Write down what your goals are and for what kind of company you would like to work for.

Research to the market to see if you can find such companies and narrow it down to 10 firms.

Go to their websites or call their employment offices and find what jobs they currently have available. See if any of them are your dream job.

If so..


If not - do they get you closer to your dream job?

If so - Apply

If not - find out who the manager for the department you would like to work in is. Try to arrange a meeting with her/him and ask for his guidance on how to get closer to your dream job. You would be surprised how many people are willing to help if you just ask.

Then - follow their advice!

Gerald Said:

Which Country have more jobs in Finance?

We Answered:

after graduating of your college try to move to cities wich you can easily find a job in your field of study.the best choice will be cities like New York,London,Tokyo,Beijing,Chicago,etc.yo… need to bear in mind that your field require to be in a country wich the Finance is very importat so if you want good choices try to take one of the cities i mentioned above.

Claude Said:

What are the entry-level jobs for Finance student?

We Answered:

take a sales rep job, at least you can get license in 6 and 7. this will allow to go after the real jobs, like fin. advisor and stock broker, you know, a job with a little more prestige

Lorraine Said:

What jobs in the music industry are available to a student in the finance industry?

We Answered:

Contract negotiator. Concert promoter. Branded promotional products, talent agent, event planner, accountant, budget analyst, benefits manager, union organizer. It's a tough industry, but if you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to work in that industry.

Minnie Said:

i am mba II years student major finance, want jobs with greater satisfaction ?

We Answered:

You need to take some more English language lessons.

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