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Student Finance Lea

Neil Said:

Student finance, anyone know anything about it?

We Answered:

Speak to your current LEA and see what they recommend, it is also worth speaking to the LEA where you will be moving too. Its a bit of a tricky one to answer directly yes or no, as most LEA's have individual policies that do not compare.

Sorry can't be of help!

Morris Said:

I have been declined student finance due to a 7 day shortfall on the 3 year ordinary residence requirement?

We Answered:

The best way around this is to submit your British tax returns for the three years prior to your university entry to show that you were ordinarily resident. After all, you must have been earning money to pay your rent and eat during those three years.

I am surprised that they did not ask you for this in the first place, this is what they should request. A lease proves nothing. You could have lived in Hong Kong and sublet the flat.

For example, I have a flat 15 minutes walk from my son's uni which he lives in and which I have owned for 30 years but he is considered an international student because he was not resident for tax purposes for the three years prior to his start. Like you, he is a British citizen but this is not relevant. However, now that he has completed the three year qualifier, we have requested a change.

You must address this urgently as will also pay international not home tuition fees if you do not qualify under the residency test.

Jeff Said:

Can your university choose to assess you as a home fee payer if the LEA has declined your student finance?

We Answered:

No, it's not up to the uni to decide whether you're a home fee payer. 1st September is the start of the academic year, you can't argue against it. If it's only a week, I don't see why they would turn you down. Have you actually already applied and been turned down?

If they do turn you down, where are you from? If you're EU, you'll still pay home fees and be eligible for the loan, you just won't get any of the maintenance grants of loans.

Sorry about that :( I guess you should have just lied...perhaps you can appeal it? It is only a week after all.

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