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Student Finance Local Authority

Perry Said:

Do local authorities measure against the same criteria when awarding benefits?

We Answered:

If you are UK, then your local authority is your parents address, as you are in temporary accommodation for uni. and it is your parents who should have claimed for you,an accountant charges £50 to £100 to fill necessary forms in for you and it is well worth paying for .

Cheryl Said:

Please Help me with these Govt Questions ????

We Answered:

if you don't know the answers always choose C. You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat.

Carlos Said:

financing university in USA/Australia/New Zealand/Malaysia etc!?

We Answered:

Here in New Zealand where I teach, national students pay a state-subsidized tuition fee. International students pay that plus the bit the government would pay for national students, which makes it pretty pricey to be studying here for international students (about NZ$ 20.000 a year in most institutions - for nationals, it's only about NZ$ 6.000). Scholarships are available to nationals only.

That system also applies to studying in Canada, by the way, where I took my bachelor, and to the US, where I also studied.

In Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, there is no tuition fee, or if there is, it's nominal and comparably tiny (a few hundred dollars). Universities are fully state-funded, and if you are a national of any of those countries, living allowances may be granted to you in addition from the government.

I guess that has covered quite a few countries now.

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