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Student Finance London

Troy Said:

where can i find someone to finance my student life in London?

We Answered:

If you figure this one out, please let me know the answer...
Try for hints on public funding bodies, etc. There are lots of categories depending on where you're born, your gender, your subject area, your parents' career, etc. so there might be something that applies to you.

Joanne Said:

student finance, royal holloway university of london, i have some questions?

We Answered:

Yes, you just have to tick the box for the maximum amount on your student finance form.

Marshall Said:

form for the student finance, but i don't understand nothing, who is from london can help me? i give 10 pounds?

We Answered:

Your tuition fee loan is what student loans pays your university.

If you read the notes for filling in your form it will explain what the terminologyy means. If you are still struggling and need more help ring this number 0845 026 2019, or go to their web site

Have you asked your university for help, as they will help you fill it in.

Calvin Said:

royal holloway university of london, please i don't know how to apply for the student finance?

We Answered:…

Government website about finance. If you're a UK student you can apply online, if not you will need to print out a form.

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After going through these questions and their answers, I can say getting a student finance in London is not so easy. You can check about it on as well. They have a detailed article about the topic on their site.