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Student Finance Mature Students

Kristen Said:

Mature students at uni, finances!(UK)?

We Answered:

Without knowing the specifics of your current financial situation, this can not be fully answered. However, in my experience.

While you are in school you will have LESS money - However when you graduate you will MAKE MORE money.


Melanie Said:

How to manage my money on a budget while at Uni? Mature student, with 2 kids (UK)?

We Answered:

eat beans on toast more often.

you could cut down the budget of the weekly shop by buying value brands (they're not that bad, just not as nice to look at) and cook most things from scratch, I don't know what else you could do though

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oren loni burgerim said:

It will be very hard for you to live with two kids and work part time. But I don’t think you have another option. Cutting down budgets can be tough since you have two kids. Glad that you asked it here.