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Student Finance Number To Call

Elsie Said:

I need help with my statistics class?

We Answered:

b. Gender- Nominal, discrete

c. Sales volume of MP3 players- discrete, ratio

d.Soft drink preference- ordinal, discrete

e.Temperature- continuous , interval

f. SAT scores- ratio , discrete (I am assuming the scores are integers (rounded if necessary)

g.Student rank in class- ordinal, discrete

h. ratio [ ratings are scaled from 1 to 10 or some other number?]
ordinal [ ratings are poor, moderate, good, excellent etc]

i.Number of home computers- ratio, discrete

a. Student IQ ratings --ratio.
b. Distance students travel to class--.continuous
c. Student scores on the first statistics test.---discrete
d. A classification of students by state of birth.-- nominal
e. A ranking of students as freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. -- ordinal
f. Number of hours students study per week. --- ratio

3. What is the level of measurement for these items related to the newspaper business?

a. The number of papers sold each Sunday during 2006. -- ratio
b. The departments, such as editorial, advertising, sports, etc. -- nominal
c. A summary of the number of papers sold by county. --- ratio
d. The number of years with the paper for each employee. -- ratio

4. For each of the following, determine whether the group is a sample or a population.
a. The participants in a study of a new cholesterol drug. -- sample
b. The drivers who received a speeding ticket in Kansas City last month. -- population
c. Those on welfare in Cook County (Chicago), Illinois. -- population
d. The 30 stocks reported as a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. -- sample

Lynn Said:

Dell Credit Card: Does "Error" = Declined?

We Answered:

Generally speaking a credit request will either be accepted or declined with a message reflecting the acceptance or rejection.
An error message such as the one you got reflects a problem with the infrastructure that is being used to make the request and doesn't necessarily mean that the credit is being denied.
The site has contact links at the bottom of the page if you want to speak with someone from Dell to get this cleared up.

Jessica Said:


We Answered:

I take it that you dont have dental insurance then. you can call 1800dentist, or try your local phone book. if your credit is okay then you can put money down, and make payments on the rest. If it is shot (your credit) I would suggest that you find a family member that has okay credit, and pay them monthly.

Bernice Said:

RE: Does the 150% rule apply to Student loans?

We Answered:


I'm sorry, but even though I can give you the answer tonight, it's not going to make your weekend a happy one.

Students placed on financial aid suspension because of any problem with the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards (SAP) are ineligible for ALL forms of Federal Student Aid (and most forms of state and institutional aid, too). The only common form of "financial aid" that is an exception to that rule is the private (non-government) educational loan.

Included on the list of financial aid forms that are NOT available to aid suspended students: Pell, FSEOG, ACG and SMART grants, the Federal Work Study Program, and the Stafford, Perkins and PLUS loans.

As for your question about which classes are counted towards the 150% rule - the answer is all of them - major classes, minor classes, elective classes, classes you signed up for wondering what the heck they were about. They all count. In fact, it's not only classes that you got a grade in that count - it's all classes that you signed up for - unless you dropped them during the full-refund period (usually the first few days of class).

If your major is a 120-credit hour degree program, you lose your eligibility for financial aid once you hit the 180-hour mark. Unlike the other violations of the SAP (which are performance based), once you go over the 150% standard, you can not regain eligibility for aid until you begin a graduate program.

I'm sorry for the news, and I hope it didn't ruin your weekend.

Best of luck to you.

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