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Student Finance Number Uk

Constance Said:

summary this article?

We Answered:

Have you estimated the length of this article? By my rough calculations,ie;
73 lines x 14 words =1022 words.
So you have nothing to do.

Pearl Said:

BA in Business Management questions.HELP PLEASE!!!?

We Answered:

You are very unlikely to get hired into management with no work experience. You will graduate with your BM degree and then get an entry level job in the business world. Use the skills you learned in your BM program and work hard and you will soon be promoted to management.

Tonya Said:

Setting up a charitable foundation in the UK?

We Answered:

First of all you need to contact The Charity Commisssion in the UK. They will answer all your questions.

Tony Said:

Emigrating to the United States from the UK?

We Answered:

I think you might want to visit the US a few times before trying to move here, to find out what it's actually like, as opposed to what it looks like on TV. No, it's not easier to move here from an uncivilized country (unless you are at risk of being killed at home for political reasons), but we do offer the unique opportunity in the developed world to die from diseases that are treatable, but you can't afford the treatments.

If you really want to move to the US, I'd suggest looking for work with a big accounting firm, learn about international accountancy, and get them to move you here. There's a specific visa for international companies moving skilled staff.

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