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Student Finance Numbers

Linda Said:

I am in college student looking to invest in real estate?

We Answered:

I am sure you already know that you can't obtain a loan unless you can prove you have 2 years rental experience.

Cash flow of 500 a month is not very good anyway. One little problem and that will go out the door, even a vacency would put you under. Always run numbers at 90% occupancy, never 100. This actually sounds like an awful investment.

As far as speaking for itself it is saying, "Run away!!"

Raymond Said:

how should I invest, or what business should I run as a finance/accounting student?

We Answered:

My advice would be for you to look over this website, it is full of invaluable information that would pertain to your question.

Lawrence Said:

Birth Certificate Number?

We Answered:

Hi i did not know they had a reference number.Will go & look at mine
i am in the UK.
PS/ Mine is on the top it has 2 letters followed by 6 numbers.
I had not noticed the ones at the bottom underneath the date.
I reckon it has to be the top ones.
Good Luck
Back again i only have the small one.I have checked my husbands he had to get a copy in 95 the numbers & letters on his are on the bottom but they are 2 letters followed by 6 numbers.See what you mean on his at the top it says application number that has 3 letters followed by 6 numbers then a /95 which is the year he got it.Maybe you should ask the people who want the ref.

Sara Said:

I need the names and numbers of students who are in the commerce field in Pune?

We Answered:

Yahoo picked up on certain keywords and incorrectly dumped this question in the wrong category. You will get better responses by changing the suggested category. After you initially submit your question-the next page is ASK YOUR QUESTION: CATEGORIZE YOUR QUESTION At this point, click either BROWSE CATEGORIES or COMPL:ETE LIST and scroll through the menus to assign your question to the best category.

You can repost your question in the correct category following these directions.

Norma Said:

failing a university assignment, what should i do?

We Answered:

ok, what you need to do is write down each question and go to a teacher or someone else that can help you (if you are stuck at your computer, simply email, a few questions at a time though, not too many)
say that you really, really need help on it
do you have some kind of tutoring program at your school? if so get on it ASAP
start posting some questions here (general or specific) so you can learn what you need to know and complete your assignment

you HAVE to finish the assignment no matter what... i know it's tough but stop trying to figure out how not to do it (frankly i dont see that as a possibility at all) and get to work
set aside time to just work, work, work and ask your teacher for a home phone or cell phone number if you desperately need the can do it!!! good luck :)

Leo Said:

Anyone who's good with finance help me!, Equity? Stable Value? Asset Allocations?

We Answered:

did you enter the contest? if not it is a scam. If you did then take a distribution on that and you should get about $100

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