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Student Finance Office

Diana Said:


We Answered:

This question would be much easier to read if you found your caps lock.

The answer is that we do not know your present legal status is and so will be unable to give you guidance. If you can be 'of settled purpose' by the first day of university, you will probably be able to qualify for the home fee and the student loan. You may want to wait a year if you are not sure that you will get this in time because the international tuition fees are up to five times the home fee so the lack of a loan will be the least of your problems.

Just so that you are aware, if you are in UK on a student visa you will never become settled as a student is not regarded as being resident. Take a look here for the rules on both the fees and loans…

Tyrone Said:

Student Finance- Fee?

We Answered:

you shouldve applied through the student finance direct website. They will have then given you the option to be income assessed. This means if you are in a single income family then you'll get up to 3000 bursary a term and you wont have to pay it back. As for borrowing tuition yes i have borrowed that amount for my course. You need to tick the boxes for both maintenance and course fees when applying online or sending the application form. you wont be enrolled into your university unless they are aware of payment arrangements. it is not too late to go and apply for it. Also read their website too if your LEA wont help you.

Your local council is your LEA. It acts as a communication between the student loan company and you. But they dont lend you the money, the finance company does.

Matthew Said:

I recieve a student statement cash receipt?

We Answered:

It means that your school has received a student loan or scholarship disbursement in you name. If it was student loan money and there is any left over, you might get a check. Call the financial aid office and ask them your questions as well, they will be happy to help you.

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