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Student Finance Opening Hours

Willard Said:

Company in my name can i get a student loan?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Jared Said:

Can you offer advice on my minor?

We Answered:

I suggest that you use the 15 hours to focus on something that interests you. And really focus on one area; don't be wishy-washy.

Salvador Said:

how do i get over my nerves?

We Answered:

what country do u live in???i would suggest moving to the U.S.A. because when i heard your story i think i could tell for sure u were'nt in America. If you found a way to come here,you would be able to get better help. I have never heard of a principal trying to kick a child out of school because the have nerves. This situation is far beyond nerves, you need pshyciatric help. The best thing you can hope for is moving to America. If you already live here, well im sure you can find some help.

Good luck, and God bless. :DD i would like to hear more about this, or if you do get help that would be great so feel free to email me.

Sherri Said:

Good to continue with this Job ??

We Answered:

You should DEFINITELY continue the job if you can do it while in school. There is no doubt that your degree will take you places, but you will have an even bigger edge by having some experience and familiarity with the environment. It will also allow you to possibly get hired above entry level. (not always, but possible.) Good luck.

Andrew Said:

Finance student looking to get into FOREX trading, anyone have a game plan for becoming a successful trader?

We Answered:

You seem to be coming into this with the right mindset and congrats for that since 95% want a get rich quick scheme. I too had a high GPA from Ivy Leadue in Econ/Finance but sadly that degree doesnt translate into trading success immediately.

Def dont buy any programs or such online since you have no control over them. Even if they work for a period of time you have no real idea about how to control your risk and how they are supposed to react to market conditions. 99% dont work and ALL need some understanding of risk management.

For advice on trading you should learn what indicators are, such as movign averages, oscillators (like RSI) and such. You should learn common patterns that traders use and what they mean. Watch many charts, pay attention to how prices move during news anouncements and so forth. By this time you should have ideas to test in demo to see if you can make money.

Try to be CONSISTENT in demo mode and try to make like an average of 100 bucks a day or some goal. Once you can consistently hit your targets and are comfortable with your system go live and try to see if it really works. These steps might need to be repeated several times until you get a profitable system you are comfortable with.

Get a good low cost broker. I use Interactive Brokers. Oanda is good too, but i like IB best. Good brokers keep their spreads tight and are highly reliable. This may make the difference between profitability and losses.

Good luck

Javier Said:

Why do some college students who don't study at all do better than students that study many hours a day?

We Answered:

Studying for hours- day and night- is not going to help anyone at all. the most important thing which plays an important role is , learn the lesson in the class itself while teacher is explaining you have to pay full attention into that at class itself. next step is to review the same lesson on the same day after will stick to your mind for ever and no need to study hard at one night before exam.
if you do the same you'll get the top score in exams.

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