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Student Finance Opening Times

Lydia Said:

im opening a checking account for the first time at age 19 in new york, and need help picking the best bank.?

We Answered:

You should be able to find a bank with a checking account that is free, with no monthly charge. Pretty much any bank with a free checking account will do, although you might want to make sure it has branches in your college town and hometown, to make things easier when you're on break.

When you get your checking account you need to keep careful track of everything that goes out and in. Make sure you know their funds availability policy, so you understand when money you deposit becomes available to spend. People who are new getting a checking account often have trouble with overdrafts because of forgetting to check on fund availability (if you deposit money, it may not be available to spend that day or even the next day!) or forgetting to account for withdrawals that are pending but haven't shown up on the bank balance yet. Don't let this happen to you! Overdrafts are expensive and inconvenient, and if you mess up your checking account too badly with overdrafts the bank will close it and report you to ChexSystems, and you won't be able to open another one at any bank!

Do you *need* a credit card? Credit cards are an excellent tool, but they can also get you in incredible amounts of trouble because you can end up with the capacity to spend so much that it could take years to pay it all back. If you run up a balance on a card and pay back the minimum payment, it could take you about 20 years to pay it off. If you do get a credit card, you need to use it for serious expenses, like school books and car repairs, and not for going to the movies or buying clothes. Try not to carry a balance on your credit card, but pay it off in full every month. If you can't pay it off in one month, pay it off as fast as you can.

With no credit history you probably won't be able to get an unsecured card. You may have to get a secured card, which you pay a chunk of money down on, and if you fail to pay back what you borrow they take it out of that. Secured cards usually also charge fees to help make up for their financial risk in lending to you. If your parents are financially responsible and willing to let you do this, you could instead go on as a joint holder with them on a credit card for a few years to get your credit history started. If your parents are not financially responsible, go for the secured card instead. (I've heard of children who opened a credit card with family members, then the parent or sibling ran up the balance and left them with the debt!)

Be cautious with your spending and things will work out fine for you.

Rhonda Said:

i need serious help with this. iv tried so many times and cant get the grade and i need to pass this class?

We Answered:

OK, looks like you've posted the answer. Just plug in the numbers for the stock of your choice and you're good.

Leon Said:

How can I finance my business?

We Answered:

If you are interested in starting a small business, then you have to know about small business loans. There are many different ways to get funding for your new enterprise, as well as many different kinds of loans. Finding the one that is best for your enterprise can be a daunting task, but with the right information, it is not impossible.

Another place to try for a loan is through commercial finance companies or venture capitalists.

Carol Said:

38-year-old mature student working in Kuwait wondering if career in finance would be better pursued abroad?

We Answered:

I live in Kuwait too, and i strongly recommend if you can have some hope and wait and apply to banks and companies in Kuwait ....

there are dozens of opportunities here ....

and i think a simple lie on your CV will do no harm ;)

wish you all the best ... and trust me try and GOD will assist you for sure ;)

Nellie Said:

Need advise on medical transcriptionist job opening.?

We Answered:

There is no necessity of including this job in your resume !!
This is a part time job, unconnected with your profession !!!

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