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Student Finance Parents

Matthew Said:

Student finance the parents income section 9 need to ask something?

We Answered:

You can't put an estimate, you need to write the exact figure. Usually you would need proof of their income too.

Also there are lots of delays with Student Finance all the time so it's likely the university would understand that you haven't got proof yet.

Gloria Said:

Student Finance?

We Answered:

You need expert advice.

Visit the Bursar at your university or the Student Liaison Officer who will put you in touch with the right person. Any advice offered on YA may not be specific enough for your situation.

Many students work while studying. Many of the universities have student jobs within the university so make enquiries. The Student Services or Liaison Officer will know.

You will find it hard but not impossible. You won't be alone at least three quarters of your group will be in the same position.
Shop for groceries at Aldi and Lidl. Buy fresh fruit and veg and eggs at the market. Find a student to share BOGOF's at the supermarket so that two can live as cheap as one. Cook meals from scratch - take-aways are expensive.

Subscribe to Martin Lewis's Money Tips website and look for free offers and special deals.

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Marcus Said:

Will my parents compensation affect my student finance eligibility?

We Answered:

What they don't know wont hurt. I don't believe they ask for your parents bank statements. You should contact the Financial Aid anonymously and see what they say.

Cecil Said:

Student Finance - Parents support application?

We Answered:

You have nothing to put for your mother, so just leave it blank.

Shane Said:

is student finance enough to surport single parents?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, you may need to get a part time job, or possibly some school loans, in order to meet all of your finances. I am not sure if the amount you plan on getting includes loans, or if it's just grants and scholarships. If you are a single parent, you should qualify for quite a bit in grants. Also for future semesters you might want to look into other scholarships or opportunities you can get being a single parent, so that you won't have to take out loans every year you're in school. You should ask the Financial Aid department in your school about what they can offer.

Gordon Said:

Student Finance - Self-employed parents!!!?

We Answered:

I don't know if this is relevent today but when my sister went to university (many years ago) she got my dad to write a letter saying that he wasn't prepared to pay a penny towards her education and that she was effectively thrown out anyway. This meant that she got full funding. Anyway, he didn't make enough money to pay for her (it was a bad time to be self employed at the end of the eighties). Surely as you're over eighteen it shouldn't be your parents responsibility to pay for you any more.

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