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Student Finance Pgce

Stella Said:

What does a PGCE entail? and what financial help is available?

We Answered:

With most institutions you apply for funding from your local LEA after you have been offered a place.
As a home/EU student you will need to pay tuition fees, but you don't need to pay whilst you are studying unless you wish to. You can take out a student loan for the fees to match the fees you have to pay from the Student Loans Company.
If you are a full time student you are eligible for a HE Maintenance Grant of up to £2,906. The first £1,292 isn't means tested, but if you have an income below £34,459 it is means tested, so you can receive the remaining £1,614.
When you are training you will receive a non-taxable bursary, the amount depending on which subject you wish to teach:
English £6,000
Classics £6,000
Biology £9,000
Chemistry £9,000
Physics £9,000
Maths £9,000
ICT £9,000
RE £9,000
Modern foreign languages £9,000
Afetr you have completed your Initial teacher training (ITT) and have accepted a NQT position, you might be eligible for a one off taxable golden hello payment. Again, this depends on which subject you wish to teach.
Maths £5,000
Biology £5,000
Chemistry £5,000
Physics £5,000
ICT £2,500
Modern foreign languages £2,500
RE £2,500
See… for more info.

I think for the PGCE you spend the first couple of weeks at the University and the majority of the remaider in an assigned school. By the time you are in the second semester, you will spend almost all your time in school, but this depends on the institution.

Andre Said:

Can i still get support even though im going to uni?

We Answered:

You will get the usual student loans - so it will be tough - you will have less money to live on but worth it. Unless you have a disability or are a parent you will lose our entitlement to housing benefit and JSA.

Sorry just read the bit about childcare - ok yes you can claim 90% of childcare costs and you might be able to keep housing benefit and income support and child tax credit.

You have already told the job centre.

You now need to contact the LEA for the grant and loan

your uni will have a hardship or access fund that will help with childcare.

Good luck with your studies

Rosa Said:

What would be best to do next year, Masters or PGCE?

We Answered:

My advice is to do the PGCE, i am teaching now and the Education Authority is paying for me to do my masters degree, it is possible to do 'on the job' teacher training straight after your degree,(graduate teacher training) you would get paid and learn at the same time. Good Luck.

Lucille Said:

How do I get funding to do my PGCE?

We Answered:

You will apply just the same as you did for your undergraduate course and you will need to complete a PN1 form either paper or online. This is because it's a new course.

There is no specific help for PGCE courses from 10/11 - you won't get help towards your fees as past PGCE students had. Depending on the subject PGCE there may be training bursaries - ask at the college about that.

Check out for more details of support for 10/11.

Good luck!

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