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Student Finance Phone

James Said:

Help with student finance? called up but they didnt really help at all...?

We Answered:

Clarifying question: You do not state it, but were you filling out the FAFSA application from the U.S. Dept. of Education FAFSA web site: ?

If so, then here is the link for info on how you can contact someone at FAFSA and talk about what can be done:
I would follow the telephone option.

If you were not working on an application through the official FAFSA web pages, and if whatever application you were working on was through a particular college/univ. financial aid web pages, then I support the reply from the previous person who answered. If that is the case, when you telephone as for the Director of the Financial Aid Office or "a supervisor" to help you work it through. :-)

If, you think you were working on a FAFSA application, but it was not through the official U.S. Dept. of Education FAFSA web site, then just forget about it and go to the official FAFSA web pages and start there. There is a non-U.S. government FAFSA site (or maybe more than one) "out there" that offers help in completing the form and applying for financial aid, but which charges money. That is not the one you should be using.

Best wishes

Julian Said:

My student finance expected payment date for maintenance loan is 3 days late. Should I be worried?

We Answered:

Ring just in case

Misty Said:

Can I get student finance support if I restart my first year?

We Answered:

there must be a FAQ section on their website. i know that its now changed website to
have a rummage around there! i dont think its such a rare occurance and they will be able to help

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