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Student Finance Pn1

Dana Said:

When filling out PN1 form (finance forms) do i need to take out a student account?

We Answered:

I filled out many, no you dont need a student account, if you want to change the account they also send you a form saying when they pay it in and another piece of paper if u wanna change the account number
Student accounts have larger overdraft limits

Joshua Said:

Will i get my student finance on time?

We Answered:

You do not get a Financial Notification telling you about how much loan etc you'll get until the PN1 has been processed, after you have had that you will receive a payment schedule which will tell you your payment dates.

I hope you have been reading the press about how behind Student Finance England are with processing applications. There are delays for students who applied on time so I am doubtful that you will get money by the time you enrol.

On the good side - you won't be the only one!

Not good news but hope it helps! :)

Michele Said:

Applying for student finance after clearing!and a bit of a mess in finances?

We Answered:

Well, it is a bit of a pickle indeed.

From the Uni's perspective - If your student loan isn't in place, they will expect you to pay fees at enrolment, they won't let you start without payment of any sort. They may have a scheme in place for you to pay by installments rather than a big lump.

So with this in mind you need to do whatever is best to get this situation straight. Will you be able to get a loan/grant as if you already started a course elsewhere they do have the right to only fund you for 2 years, rather than the full length of the course. Unfortunatley by not settling the debt you owe them they do already know you are a 'bad debtor' as you failed to make any payments.

PN1 is aimed at most 18 year olds fresh out of school. It may be worth calling the Student Finance Direct people to get advice.

You should also be able to speak to someone from welfare at the college/uni you are going to, they should be able to help you iron out any money worries.

Ella Said:

Student finances!!! help??

We Answered:

Doctor, lawyer, nurse, pilot,


get your teachers to sign something then replicate the signiture

Joann Said:

Can anyone help me please??? UK students?

We Answered:

Details of your father's earnings will be held by HM Inland Revenue and Customs - ask your father to get in touch with the Inland Revenue Tax Office that his former employer dealt with and explain the circumstances. They will give him the information you need.

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