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Student Finance Postgraduate

Vanessa Said:

Study Economics or Finance in the UK...Foreign student needs help.?

We Answered:

You should try the London School of economics

One word of advice London is a very expensive place to live so why not try Manchester Business School

Buona Fortuna

Clifford Said:

Can I Study Accounting and Finance in Belarus in English ?

We Answered:

No, sorry. The further east you go, the less English is used, some schools in Spain, France, and especially the Netherlands as well as Scandinavia teach some programs in English, but very few classes in English in Germany or Poland, maybe one (like a degree in English language or lit) taught in English any further to the east or south from there. Especially in Eastern Europe where immigration from English-speaking countries is very low, there is no demand for anything to be taught in English, and thus no need for it.

Kevin Said:

Is it possible for a Finance degree (bachelor's) student to take Media as Masters degree (postgraduate)?

We Answered:

To get the absolute right answer, you need to talk to experts at the schools which are involved. In general, yes, you can change your major anytime you wish. If the major for your Master's degree is substantially different from that of your Bachelor's, the school usually expects you to take some of the undergraduate courses in the new major in order for you to get background information before you go on to Master's level work. Here's how to find out exactly. Contact the chair of the Media department at the school you want to attend, explain your qualifications, and ask about what you will have to do in their program. The department will give you an answer you can trust.

Matthew Said:

which is better profession, Logisitc management or business and finance in near future?

We Answered:

Business and Finance gives you more options, making you more employable in a wider range of business activities. Logistic and supply chain is certainly more specific, and, if you are certain that there are such specific positions available, would give you an edge up in this field. You should do a bit more homework, and decide which option is best for you.
All things being equal, I'd go for Business and Finance.

Sharon Said:

Is it possible to get a summer internship in an Investment Banking as a pre postgraduate?

We Answered:

You mean as a Holiday Job ?

I would guess so .. why not contact a few and see what their response is ?

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