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Student Finance Problems 2010

Laura Said:

How do I look quickly for a job that will net around $600 a month?

We Answered:

600 a month isn't much at all.

Look at craigslist for your area and there should be plenty of jobs netting that much

Katrina Said:

whats was A School Chief Takes On Tenure, Stirring a Fight article about?

We Answered:

This is Such a hot potato.

There are a lot of incompetent teachers out there. There are also a lot of parents who want their children to be given passing grades when they do not show any competence in the subject matter being taught. There are a lot of teachers who do not show any competence in the subject matter being taught. There are a lot of students who show no respect for the situation they are in. (I don't necessarily advocate respect for the teachers or administration, but respect for the whole process of education.) Getting a high school education should require some time investment beyond the hours spent in the school. Kids who go home and study or, like my high school students in Japan, stick around after school and ask questions while completing homework, succeed academically.

School is not just where to park your progeny while you work.

Throwing money at education does NOT fix it. It's been tried in several cities I know about, and money alone does not improve test scores. Test scores may not be the only predictor of success, but they are the best predictor a prospective employer has.

If students do not learn work ethics from their family or in the school, they are going to be in trouble in the work force.

I don't know if American education is fixable, but it may be if EVERYONE involved takes personal responsibility for it and takes it seriously.

Shelly Said:

I need some mature advices about my love life from some experienced people! please give me a solution!?

We Answered:

You are young enough to follow your dreams, A relationship can wait until you have made your mind up to achieve your goals. Do not be in a big rush.

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