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Student Finance Problems

Dawn Said:

student finance problems?

We Answered:

You have to do it im afriad i guess you have used student finance direct website to apply.
I sent my passport and in less that a week it was back and they sent it back recorded delievery if you did apply online you can track where your documents are when they received them and when they have put them back into the post. You will have to do this really soon as well because they take about 4 weeks to send you an entilment summary.

Brittany Said:

Student Finance England Problems!!?

We Answered:

I'm in the same boat, and i sent my passport off in June!
I'm in my accommodation now, i've explained it to my university and accommodation and they said to pay as soon as my loan goes through, however this hasn't happened yet and i'm starting to panic as well.

However there's a massive delay all round the country so your university should already know that they will be a delay in some circumstances, don't panic its not your fault.
concentrate on your studies :) x

Vernon Said:

How to be a poor international student with finance problem?

We Answered:

Get your education in your home country where you can get some of those things. In your home country, you can also get a job to pay for your education.

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