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Student Finance Regulations

Jaime Said:

Please help me edit my resume...thanks. looking for an Acct.internship, thanks.?

We Answered:

Very good resume. Couple pointers though: What was your position at Quincy College? Needs to listed. Also if you have received any recognition in a job - be sure to put it down. such as received award for increased productivity.

Glenda Said:

Which regulation states that the 1st day of the UK academic year is 1 September?

We Answered:

I don't think there is any specific regulation decreeing that the academic year must start in September.

Traditionally, the school year ends with a long summer holiday, historically so that children can help by working on farms and also so that people can be on holiday during the warm summer months. However, more recently some schools have experimented with different models of school year e.g. having a five term year without half terms and with a shorter summer holiday. The justification for reducing the length of the summer holiday is that children regress academically over the long summer break.

Joel Said:

I would like to start a course at a university but I owe them fees from the previous year?

We Answered:

Hi Twinkle.
Aw that really sucks, big time. If that was me I would have ended up going off my nut to the people on the phone who were demanding me to pay it over 4 months...that's just impossible. When you withdrew from your course did you speak to someone beforehand what would happen? by the sounds of things sounds like it came as a shock to you but it sounds like you're doing the right thing being with this financial management company, I would've done the same.
If you're wanting to start a new uni course, you really can't afford to drop out this time! otherwise debt would be huge. The best thing I would suggest if I was in your position would be to phone UCAS, they'll keep you right...and suggest that once you get into uni you can continue paying off the £3700 whe you're there? If you won't be able to do this, they might not let you study if you don't meet regulations to get any funding. best of luck..:D

Eileen Said:

How do I become a corporate lawyer in UK?

We Answered:

This link gives the details of how to qualify. It will be a hard grind. In fact, it might be worth your while, if you can get a well paying job at an earlier stage, to put off qualifying for a while.…

Harold Said:

A way to FIX the U.S. Economy - Regulation of Finance Industry?

We Answered:

welcome to capitalism BUYER BEWARE..

why is it the govt. problem to save people from their dumb mistakes? for some reason the human race has to touch the iron before they figure out it will burn you. people certainly werent complaining while their ira's showed a gain month after month for the last 5 years. but now hens are coming home to roost and everyones boohooing because someone "shoulda coulda woulda" told them this and that would happen. its not the financial industry's fault that you're too lazy to read the fine print

but as far as the tax rebate- is giving America a few hundred bucks to spend on booze supposed to avert a recession?

Arthur Said:

Economists, do you think this is an accurate view of the crisis?

We Answered:

Your first two paragraphs could have come from my mouth. Perhaps not worded so well... but I feel exactly the same: all of this regulation has just put it off and allowed this to become bigger than a natural decline ever would have been. ugh.

Duane Said:

isn't capitalism without regulations wonderful?

We Answered:

The people in that story got their loans from the Federal government. By definition those are regulated.

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