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Student Finance Repayment

Clifton Said:

student finance/ fees repayments?

We Answered:

It might vary from uni to uni, but I know that at the university that I attended, you had to quit before Christmas to avoid paying your fees. You could always take it up with the institution personally and appeal your case, but I think that if you were attending past the Christmas holidays, you'll have to pay for the year's education.

Rodney Said:

student loan repayment problem?

We Answered:

In most cases, the longer it takes you to pay off a loan, the more the lender benefits. You, of course, do not benefit. I am not sure about the "refund for your prepaid finance charges", but I'd be willing to be that if you calculated it all out, paying off your loan early would benefit you more than sticking to the schedule and getting that "refund". The $18,511, or "amount the credit will cost you" will become less, the faster you pay off the loan. If you were able to pay off the loan in 20 payments, as opposed to 299, you would pay much less than $28,511. How much less all depends on your interest rate and the finance charges. I'm not a math person, so I can't give you the formulas and to figure out exactly how much less and so on, but I do know that the faster you pay off your loan, the more of your own money you'll get to keep. I'm willing to bet that paying off the loan in 20 payments would cost you much less than $5000. Meaning that you probably be paying at least $13, 000 less in the long run.

Ellen Said:

Student Loans Repayment Plan Question?

We Answered:

Pay them off as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life.

They shouldn't be left outstanding (not paid... or paid off slower than you can afford) to build your credit. They extra thousands of dollars you will pay in interest doesn't justify the almost non-existant positive effect the loans will have on your credit.

You'll have a greater impact paying them off early then paying on them for the next 30 years becuase your debt to income ratio will be too high with them outstanding (not paid) to qualify for any future loans for a car or a house.

Justin Said:

Student finance repayment question?

We Answered:

They are planning on increasingly the loans to around £6k-£9k per a single academic year. On top of maintenance loans this could lead to students having to pay £42,000 once they complete their education. And unfortunately not all students are fortune to get such a good placement as yourself and may spend their life struggling to pay of this loan. This is why we are protesting

Walter Said:

Is it a bad time to try to consolidate my Sallie Mae student loans?

We Answered:

You should definitely consolidate your Sallie Mae loans so that you can take advantage of a fixed interest rate and flexible repayment options.

Make sure you consolidate with the federal student loan program - some lenders try to make it seem like they're federal student loan lenders, so be careful.

Go to to find out how to consolidate your federal student loans.

Carole Said:

student finance repayment?

We Answered:

They're called student *loans* for a reason. You have to pay interest.

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